Looking for hydrographic or oceanographic equipment? Apart from our survey vessels we have a range of equipment available for rent.

Profiling Current meters

Teledyne Workhorse Monitor ADCP 1200 kHz, 600 kHz & 300 kHz

The MONITOR is Teledyne RD Instruments’ most popular direct reading Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). The Monitor offers a choice of three frequencies and ranges, to meet a wide array of data requirements. The unit also offers a flexible upgrade path, which includes an external battery pack, pressure sensor, bottom tracking capability for moving boat applications, and directional wave measurement.

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Teledyne Workhorse Rio Grande 1200 kHz & 600 kHz

The WORKHORSE RIO GRANDE ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) is an accurate, rapid-sampling current profiling system designed to operate from a moving boat. The Rio Grande can be used for a wide range of river conditions, from shallow 0.5m deep streams to rushing rivers and tidal estuaries where no prior discharge data exists.

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RiverPro 1200 kHz

The 1200 kHz RiverPro has been purpose-built to fill two specific needs:

  • To provide an ADCP designed specifically for shallow river applications (20 cm to 25 m range)
  • To provide an upgrade path for our current industry gold-standard Rio Grande ADCP users

Like our next-generation RiverRay ADCP (see below), the RiverPro offers users a 5-beam solution, auto-adaptive sampling, user-friendly interface, and Teledyne RDI’s unsurpassed quality, service, and support. The RiverPro has also been designed to fit into our RiverRay float, allowing users to swap out their ADCPs based upon their environment, eliminating the need to purchase and transport a second float.

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DVL Doppler Velocity Log

DVL 1200kHz K3

The WORKHORSE NAVIGATOR is the industry’s first choice for precision navigation applications. Teledyne RDI’s highly acclaimed Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) provides precise velocity and altitude updates for a wide variety of underwater asks. The highly flexible design allows the unit to be used in a standalone configuration or integrated with other navigation systems.

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Wave sensors

Workhorse Waves Array

Teledyne RDI’s WORKHORSE WAVES ARRAY is an innovative, cost-effective upgrade that allows you to take your Teledyne RDI ADCP to the next level. Via a simple upgrade, you can capture not only the industry’s most field-proven and dependable Broadband current profiling data, but highly accurate multi-directional wave measurements as well.

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Tethered Boats

RiverRay ADCP 600kHz

Go straight to work collecting highly accurate stream and river discharge data with the RIVERRAY ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler). This economical turnkey system comes complete with: the RiverRay ADCP, a custom-designed boat, userfriendly software, and convenient wireless communication everything you need to begin making precision river discharge measurements.

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River boat with 600 or 1200 kHz RioGrande

The Oceanscience Riverboat is the world-wide benchmark for ADCP discharge measurements. The Riverboat and ADCP combination has drastically reduced discharge measurement time and labor all over the world. This rugged, stable, corrosion – resistant tethered boat makes safe, easy measurements of discharge with ADCPs. Relatively slow and fast flowing water can be handled with ease, and available radio communications options complete the total discharge monitoring package.

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Teledyne RD Instruments’ STREAMPRO ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) represents a revolutionary advancement in streamflow measurement. You can accurately measure discharge in shallow streams in a matter of minutes—a fraction of the time required using traditional hand-held devices. With StreamPro there’s no need to move from station to station to obtain single-point velocity data or compute the discharge by hand; streamflow measurements are obtained in real-time.

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Water Quality Sensors - CTD

Multi-sensor probe

The OBS-3A is a multi sensor probe that combines turbidity with Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth sensors in a battey-powered recording instrument. Batteries and electronics are contained in a housing capable of operating at depths of up to 300 meters—depending on the pressure sensor installed.

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Colored Dissolved Organic Matter

The CDOM ECO allows you to obtain CDOM fluorescence across a wide range of environments, from mangrove swamps to oligotrophic blue water.

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Depth Sounders

Multi-Frequency Echo Sounders

Bathy-500MF with 200 Khz transducer.

  • Multi-Frequency Operation
  • Compatible with industry standard hydrographic post processing software
  • Thermal Recorder
  • Depth resolution 1cm
  • LCD Display; RS232/422 Output
  • External Programmable Annotation
  • GPS/NAV Integration;
  • NMEA 0183 Input
  • Menu Selectable Frequencies of Operation – 33, 40, 50, 200kHz
  • Power 11-30VDC, 115/230V, 50/60Hz, < 40watts
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Acoustic Modems - Pop-up buoy - Deck-boxe

Pop Up Buoy

The Teledyne Benthos 875-Pop Up Buoy release is configured with a syntactic flotation collar and line canister to mark and recover seabed equipment. 75 m 1/4” spectra line standard 2995 kg (6,600 lbs), other line lengths and diameters available.

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Universal Deck Box

The UDB-9000-M can operate  standard acoustic releases, communicate and control acoustic modems, and work with the Teledyne Benthos SMART line products.

Including Low frequency (LF) dunking transducer (AT-440 LF Omni) and 25 meter cable.

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Self contained modem

The Teledyne Benthos ATM-914 has an internal battery and a remote transducer. It is 500 meter depth rated. Low frequency (9-14 kHz)

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External powered modem

The Teledyne Benthos ATM-916 needs external power. It is 500 meter depth rated. Low frequency (9-14 kHz)

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ADCP Bottom mounts

Bottom frame 75 kg

The four sided truncated bottom frame has a double axis gimbal mount to keep the ADCP vertical. It can hold two external battery cases, an acoustic modem with remote head and a pop-up buoy

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Bottom frame 55 kg

The four sided truncated bottom frame can hold one external battery case and a pop-up buoy

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Free flow water sampler - van Veen Grab

Van Veen Grab

The Van Veen Grab Sampler is an instrument to sample sediment in water environments. It is a clamshell bucket made out of stainless steel. Up to 20 cm deep samples of roughly 0.1 m2 can be extracted with this instrument.

van veen Grabvan veen grap 2


Niskin bottle

The Niskin bottle is used to take samples of water at specific depths. The device can be opened at both ends. The open bottle is lowered into the ocean on a wire from a Research Vessel until it reaches a certain depth and then the bottle is closed by a weighted trigger.