Originally started as a specialist in acoustic measurements with customers mainly in Northwestern Europe the company established its name as a hydrographic- and hydrodynamic consultancy worldwide. With a broad range of customers including governmental agencies such as water boards (Waterschappen), dredging & offshore industry and engineering companies we provide a comprehensive range of services.

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New survey capabilities: The Q-Boat

Aqua Vision have recently added a new remote operated surface vehicle (ROSV) to their survey capabilities. This ROSV from Teledyne OceanSience is a versatile vehicle with two high speed... Read more

Westerschelde Discharge and Bathymetry

Last July, Aqua Vision carried out vessel-mounted ADCP and single beam echosounder (SBES) measurements on the Westerschelde near Antwerp. These 13-hour measurements, carried out during springtide, are part of an... Read more

Small-scale Water Supply (KWA)

During periods of low rainfall and low discharge of the rivers in the Netherlands, there is not sufficient fresh water to accommodate everyone. The Small-scale Water Supply (Kleinschalige Water... Read more