Aqua Vision performs ADCP current and bathymetry measurements at the new tidal culvert Waterdunen

Waterdunen is a newly developed nature and recreation area in the domain of Waterschap Scheldestromen. Subdued tidal cycles will be created in this area by means of a tidal culvert, which forms the connection between the estuary Westerschelde and Waterdunen.

The design of the tidal culvert is based on calculated/modeled current velocities. To verify the occurring current velocities and morphological processes during varying conditions Aqua Vision is performing ADCP current and bathymetry measurements. To do this a combination of varying ADCP measurement methods are being conducted: sailing measurements with our survey vessel M.S. Walrus, floating measurements with a small trimaran and horizontal current measurements with several stationary H-ADCP’s. Additionally, with our in-house developed software ViSea QBT regular bathymetry maps are being created by using de ADCP beams as an echo sounder. At the end of the testing period also Multibeam bathymetry measurements will be performed.

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