Introducing ViSea STAR, sediment transport software for streams and water channels. ViSea STAR has been developed to provide quick and easy sediment concentration, flux data and figures for water resources professionals. 

Key Features

  • Quick and easy calculation of sediment concentration and fluxes
  • Stand-alone application
  • Load multiple tracks
  • Validate data
  • Output as ASCII data, tables and figures
  • Enter / edit water sample data

Sediment Flux

ViSea STAR calculates suspended sediment concentrations and fluxes by post-processing ADCP data in combination with suspended sediment concentrations from water samples.


ViSea STAR works as a stand-alone application. It doesn’t require any other software, and the ADCP data can be collected by either WinRiver/WinRiver II software (Teledyne RDI) or ViSea DAS software.

Ease of Use

ViSea STAR makes it easy to load multiple transects, enter and edit water samples, choose parameters, validate data, and generate output, all from the same screen.


  • RiverPro, StreamPro and RiverRay
  • WinRiver/WinRiver II software files
  • ViSea DAS software files
  • All current Windows versions

comparison table

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