Hydrodynamic Modelling

A numerical model is a powerful tool to predict and obtain information about water levels, current velocities, waves and sediment transport, in situations where field measurements are sparse. Aqua Vision is adept at hydrodynamic modelling using a range of numerical modelling packages. We can also supplement an existing data set with field measurements to facilitate the fine-tuning of your hydrodynamic model (calibration – validation).

In-house expertise

Aqua Vision is currently developing an in-house numerical model: AV HYDRO MOD, where data can be viewed and predicted in multiple dimensions. Flow and sediment concentration data from ViSea DPS and PDT are interpolated using continuity equations and conservation laws and transferred onto a 3-dimensional computational grid.

Widespread Capabilities

In addition, Aqua Vision is adept at using the following numirical model packages:

DELFT3D by Deltares Systems

SOBEK by Deltares Systems

MIKE by DHI Software

Other services