Additional Software Tools

Aqua Vision has several software tools to make your hydro- and oceanographic measurements easier.

  • Generic Sensor Toolbox (GST)
    This toolbox lets you receive data from eight external sensors into one PC.
  • ViSea DELTA
    Use this tool to test the influence of errors in GPS, compass, pitch, roll etc. on your discharge value.
  • Generic Sensor Simulator (GSS)
    Simulate external sensors (GPS, gyro, etc.) with ViSea GSS to test measurements in the office.
  • ViSea SLICE
    SLICE splits large ADCP data files into more convenient file sizes, all while retaining the original file format.
  • Non-linear Grid Generator (NGG)
    ViSea NGG creates both rectangular and non-linear grids. Use for for hydrodynamic models or for making current atlases in ViSea DPS.