Twentekanaal – Surge wave measurements

The Dutch Twentekanaal is a Canal of 65km in length connecting eastern parts of the Netherlands to the river branches. The part of the canal which runs to Almelo is crosses by around 10 bridges. The vessel clearance height of these bridges is limited.  As a result, the ministry of transport (RWS) wants to have better insight in the effect of possible surge waves on the clearance height caused by periods of maximum pumping of the Eefde station (gemaal Eefde).

Along the canal transect Eefde – Almelo, Aqua Vision has deployed 5 water level gauges. These self-contained level gauges are deployed for 30 days. During this measurement period RWS has set the station of Eefde to maximum pumping for serval pilot days. The acquired water level data and analyses of the observed surge waves are reported to RWS.