Seafloor Object Detection with Simultaneous Side Scan Sonar and Multibeam Echo Sounder Measurements

One of the interesting activities Aqua Vision carries out is object detection surveys using Side Scan Sonar (Klein 3900) and Multibeam Echo Sounder (R2Sonic 2022) simultaneously. By combining these instruments area covering and high resolution scanning of seafloor objects and morphology can be performed. This enables a detailed analysis of encountered objects (identification, structures, depth, measurements).

By using the optional modules Ultra High Density (UHD: to obtain a four times higher data point density) and/or Ultra High Resolution (UHR: using a higher frequency to achieve a higher resolution) the results of the object detection can be further optimized.

A good example of these combined measurements is one of our recent surveys together with our archeological consultancy partner Vestigia in designated areas of the Wadden sea to find historical shipwrecks.


SSS Waddenzee