Real-time current measurements in busy Rotterdam harbor

The Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V., controlling activities in the Rotterdam harbor, uses a current model, which they use e.g. to safely direct ships in and out of the harbor. Due to dredging activities in the part of the harbor called the Botlek, the model results did not correspond anymore with the apparent currents in the area.    

 Aqua Vision was asked to measure the currents in the specific area for a period of three months and to deliver the data real-time to the Havenbedrijf Rotterdam.  By use of an ADCP installed in a bottom frame it was possible to measure in the very busy channel, but it was impossible to send the data to shore using a buoy (radio or GPRS) or a cable. This problem was solved using an acoustic connection to the shore, from where the data was sent through GPRS to the Aqua Vision office to be automatically validated and then delivered to the Havenbedrijf Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Botlek