Optimization of sewage treatment plant processes through ADCP measurements

Waterboards in the Netherlands are responsible for cleaning sewage water to a degree that it can be safely introduced into the natural Dutch water system again. This is done in sewage treatment plants (RWZI) through several sequential purification processes. Sedimentation of the segregated particles on the floor of the installations can cause a reduction of the efficiency of the processes.

Aqua Vision performs bathymetry measurements with Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and Echo Sounders, creating area covering depth visualizations of the installation. This way sludge sedimentation is pinpointed and visualized in high resolution (3D) so it can be efficiently cleaned.

Additionally, current velocity measurements with ADCP’s can verify if optimal velocities for purification techniques are being maintained. This can potentially reduce energy consumption costs significantly.

Recently Aqua Vision has performed these measurements in several sewage treatment plants for ‘Hoogheemraadschap Stichtse Rijnlanden’, resulting in some beautiful maps.

RWZI metingen