New survey capabilities: The Q-Boat

Aqua Vision have recently added a new remote operated surface vehicle (ROSV) to their survey capabilities.

This ROSV from Teledyne OceanSience is a versatile vehicle with two high speed engines providing a top speed of 5 m/s making it possible for operation in most inland waterways, channels and lakes.

Depending on the survey conditions, battery life can last up to 8 hours and is continuously monitored from the remote control that emits a low voltage alarm to warn the operator when necessary.

Measuring at a length of 2 meters the ROSV can be easily transported and deployed to any location within the Netherlands in 3 hours. As a standard it is equipped with an RTK positioning system, heading and motion sensor. Based on specific survey requirements a range of instruments can be installed such as; the five beam 1200 kHz RiverPro ADCP (applications 20 cm -> 25 m.), the 600 kHz RiverRay ADCP (applications 40 cm -> 60 m.) and dual frequency singlebeam or multibeam echo sounder.

Future plans are in place to add an autonomous module allowing preprogrammed waypoints to be used with the ROSV. This is especially useful for multibeam surveys in small lakes and rivers, relatively shallow areas where normal survey vessel’s cannot operate.