Kaiserschleuse lock Bremerhaven

After the construction of the new Kaiserschleuse lock in Bremerhaven, sediment loading from the river Weser into the harbor has increased, driving up dredging costs for Bremenports. By order of Bremenports Aqua Vision will setup an online monitoring system for suspended sediment concentrations (SSC). The monitoring system is based on the combination of Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (H-ADCPs) and optical backscatter (OBS) sensors. Calibration of the system is carried out based on water sample data and CTD input. The passage of vessels in the Kaiserschleuse lock disrupts the SSC data. However, the affected data can be filtered out based on echo intensity, correlation magnitude and velocities. The suspended sediment concentrations will be crosschecked at several locations. The orientations of the various H-ADCP systems overlap at specific points (initially one location for the pilot project). ViSea Harbour Control Toolbox (ViSea HCT) will perform statistical analysis on the SSC results in these overlapping locations. The results of this analysis will be used as to quantify the accuracy of the monitoring system.

Kaiserlock Bremenports