Istanbul VTS delivered

The Bosporus strait, which connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara is one of the busiest waterways in Europe. Hundreds of vessels pass through the strait each day. The traffic in the strait is monitored by the Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Service (TSVTS). Istanbul Vessel Traffic Service is divided into 4 sectors, each one controlled 24/7 by its own operator. By order of Tubitak MAM-Me, Aqua Vision has installed 4 ADCPs, 3 upward looking and 1 horizontal ADCP- that provides the operators with real time current information. ViSea Harbour Control Toolbox (HCT) provides them with speed and direction in 0-5, 0-10 and 0-15 meter below the surface.  Click here to see a video of the H-ADCP being lowered into the water using a construction designed for this location.

test VTS