Aqua Vision develops operational current model of the Belgian coast

Aqua Vision has been working over a period of 7 years to fine-tune and validate a numerical forecasting model for water levels, currents and waves of the Belgian coast for the Flemisch government (MDK, Afdeling Kust). It is extensively compared to field (ADCP) measurements.

The Aqua Vision model is built in Delft3D and SWAN and consists of a modelling train in three domains:

  • North Sea, including the English Channel (see: Noordzee modelling),
  • Belgian Continental Shelf, including the Scheldt estuary (see: Zwin modelling),
  • Several harbour models, including Zeebrugge, Antwerp, Oostende, and Nieuwpoort.

The North Sea model has astronomic boundary conditions as well as wind forcing. The Belgian Continental Shelf model is nested offline in the North Sea Model. The harbour models are nested online into the Belgian Continental Shelf model. The model for the Scheldt estuary includes river runoff and salinity effects.

The Flemish government has decided to test and further validate our numerical modelling train for their daily forecast for weather and storm surges.

Modelling AMDK