Aqua Vision deploys hydrographic and environmental monitoring station Loosdrechtse plassen

By order of Deltares and the Waterboard “Waternet” Aqua Vision successfully deployed several measuring poles in de “Loosdrechtse plassen”, a freshwater lake in the middle of the Netherlands. This lake area was created in the16e century by peat cutters. The measuring poles contain instruments for measuring the turbidity, transmission, pH, current speed and direction, and wind speed and direction.

Pole 1 contains 3 LI-COR light and radiation sensors at three different heights, all equipped with a wiper to reduce maintenance.

Pole 2 contains 2 Aqua Troll sensors, both equipped with turbidity, temperature, Ph sensors, and a wiper to reduce maintenance. This pole also contains a pressure sensor for calculating wave parameters

In the centre of the installation is a downward-looking RiverPro ADCP, which is installed on a float. This instrumentation will measure the resuspension and settling time of bottom material after or caused by wind and induced waves. The centre pole contains the cabinet with a battery, Campbell data logger, and GPRS/UMTS modem transmitting the data to the Aqua Vision server every three hours. The data is converted into CSV files and made available on the FTP site to the customer.


Meetpaal Loosdrecht