Aqua Vision official representative of Eureka Waterprobes

Aqua Vision has become the official trade representative of Eureka Waterprobes in the Netherlands. Eureka provides innovative, reliable multisensor probes in a variety of sizes and applicability’s.

The Manta+ Trimeter for example is Eureka’s new mini-probe, which can be equipped with any one of Eureka’s sensors (a.o. Turbidity, Optical Dissolved Oxygen, pH) combined with the standard measured temperature and depth.

On the other side of the possibilities we find the Manta+ 40, which already measures depth, temperature, pH, conductivity, optical DO and turbidity and can be equipped with another 6(!) Eureka sensors. This device is also equipped with Eureka’s Cental Wiping System, which makes sure the sensors are clean.

Eureka Waterprobes products