About us

Founded in 1995, Aqua Vision BV is an independent hydro- and oceanographic consultancy. Our clients include government agencies such as water boards (Waterschappen), worldwide engineering companies, dredging and the offshore industry. We provide a comprehensive range of services.

Core Business

  • Inland & coastal surveying

l              ▫ Discharge, bathymetry, turbidity and salinity measurements
             ▫ Capacity measurements for water management structures (kunstwerken)
l              ▫ Determining accumulated sediment thickness (slibdikte)
             ▫ Sewage treatment plant, water velocity and direction measurements

  • Analysis and management of hydrological & hydrographical data

l              ▫ Calibrating discharge equations
             ▫ Composing water balances
l              ▫ Water management structure analyses (weirs)

  • Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Software and hardware development
  • Representation of leading manufacturers
  • Training and maintenance
  • Instrument leasing

Furthermore, ViSea suite, our in-house developed software, is used worldwide for ADCP data collection, validation and presentation.

Commitment to Quality

Aqua Vision has been approved by Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL) to the Quality Management System Standards of NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015.


Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Aqua Vision has been approved by Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL) for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Performance Ladder: Level-3 certificate

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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is at the heart of our organization. Aqua Vision’s core business is to offer products and solutions for the benefit of society, environment and our employees. Our main activities are directly linked to water management, to the development of estuaries and harbours, the protection against flood and to the preservation of eco-systems. Contributing to a sustainable future forms the core of our mission. We are proud of this and would like to promote the importance of our work in the coming years.

We strive to achieve a balance between the three Ps: People, Planet and Profit. It is a combination of striving to achieve good economic results with added value for society, the environment and our employees. By measuring our performance, we will be in a better position in the near future to monitor our progress more effectively and compare this progress with our objectives.

  • The full text of our Corporate Social Responsibility statement can be found here.

Carbon footprint

The CO2-emission of Aqua Vision BV in 2018 was equal to 32,0 tons. The distribution of the CO2 –emission is shown in the figure below. More details are depicted in the table at the end of the paragraph.

It is clear that the largest proportion of the CO2 emission is caused by the fuel consumption by the boats, a core business activity. This was followed by the vehicle fleet, although a substantial part of the transport movements was done by public transport. The portion of the CO2 emission by business travel by private cars and by plane were in 2018 relatively small.

Code of conduct

Aqua Vision BV wants to take responsibility for the impact of its business activities on people and the environment, whilst at the same time ensuring that the company’s objectives can also be achieved in the longer term. The company has set a Code of Conduct that provides guidelines for ethical conduct to which the own organisation, its suppliers and main third parties engaged by Aqua Vision must adhere.

  • The full text of our Code of Conduct can be found here.

Corporate membership

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