Long-term wave overtopping measurements Eems

On the 8th of March (2019), the kick-off took place of a 12 years long lasting research project, funded by HWBP / WS Noorderzijlvest. The objective is to study storms (wind, water levels, surges, waves) in the Wadden Sea and the estuary of the Eems-Dollard, including wave overtopping at the dikes. The storms and wave overtopping will be measured in order to validate and /or improve existing predicting models. These model are used to provide input for strength and height calculations of the dikes.

Aqua Vision performs all measurements inside the “wave overtopping tanks”, along with water level, waves (ADCP and WaveDroids) and wind measurements in the Wadden Sea and Eems-Dollard to determine the corresponding storm conditions.

The start of the the campaign, during which the tanks were calibrated by filling them completely, was widely covered by national and local media. Hart van Nederland interviewed our project leader and also the NOS covered it in their afternoon news. The Volkskrant newspaper wrote an article clearly explaining why these measurements are conducted. Also local newspaper Eemskrant was present and took some great pictures of the event.

Eems wave-overtopping 1