Aqua Vision contribute to novel ‘Zandmotor’ project

Aqua Vision has delivered current speed and direction data to the ‘Zandmotor’ (Sand Engine) project. The ‘Zandmotor’ is a novel beach nourishment project by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Rijkswaterstaat). A hook-shaped peninsula acts as a source of sand which undergoes gradual transport by wind, waves and currents, to replenish beaches and dune systems along the Dutch coast. Two upward-facing ADCP systems were mounted on a pillar, close to the seabed, to gain insight into current patterns in this area. Aqua Vision were contracted to validate and analyze the ADCP data. ViSea Data Acquisition Software (ViSea DAS) was used to validate the data quality (heading, pitch and roll; beam intensity and correlation), while ViSea Data Presentation Software (ViSea DPS) was used to further validate and create figures of the data.

Zandmotor plaatsing ADCP